Short Stories

Short Stories

If You Only Knew

Willow Springs,  Fall 2023

Certain Healing Properties

South Carolina Review, Spring 2023

The Disaster Book

Emerald City, Fall 2021

 Unlike Some People

Solstice, Spring, 2022

Off the Grid

December, Fall 2021

In My Other Life

Puerto del Sol, July 2021

Jill’s Trees

Rathalla Review, Fall 2020

Give or Take

The Write Launch, July 2020

Great Lost Dogs

The Meadow, 2020


North Dakota Quarterly, March 2019

The World at Large 

Chicago Quarterly Review, Spring 2019

The Lost Ones

Oyster River Pages, 2018

A Place in the World

Subtropics, Spring/Summer 2018

Good Fortune

The Lindenwood Review, 2018 

Practical Knowledge

Lunch Ticket, Winter/Spring 2018



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Hashtag Queer, Vols. I and II, Sage Kalmus, ed. 2017, 2018 Quommunicate Publishing

Mudville Diaires, Mike Schacht, ed, Avon Books